While its great that Poehler does some great programs, its just good to be aware of any problematic things that celebrities do, no matter how much we like them. The site draw attention to things that famous people do so that we can be aware of them, not to make people dislike them forever (read their post on "now what?"). It's a good site just to get people thinking about the issues. I think its totally possible to still love someone while recognizing that they may do something problematic :)


Good to be aware of what problematic ‘things’? Amy Poehler is a comedian - if you analyse her comments and actions with such an absurd obsession, you are certainly going to find yourself making up a list of supposed problematic ‘things’ that only ends up creating an unwanted stigma.

Appropriation of culture? Fatphobia? Come on, really? Have we really reached such a social stage where anyone with a keyboard can type their own assumptions about something they saw on television and accuse the writers and cast of multiple infractions? Especially on a comedy show where hyperboles are every day’s bread and the whole theme of it is to make fun out of small towns and their often inclusive culture.

We may as well stop producing any sort of entertainment because whether we want or not, it will end up insulting some special group because it does not cater or pander to their will.

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